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Getting ready for GayRomLit

Who besides me is getting excited?

The first thing that's jumping out at me is that a bigger bag or a great deal of trust in Fedex and the hotel are in order. Fedex, not an issue, but the hotel having to stash my things til I get there seems like a lot to ask.

My promo items are coming in (yes, procrastination is spelled P-D-S-i-n-g-e-r) and the bulk is enough to make me very glad I'm flying Southwest and can take a real-sized suitcase instead of a glorified paper bag. So far, I have trading cards, something nommy, and a little something to light up your lives. Being the even-handed person I am, I'm bringing enough for everyone. Plus a little something special for the small groups.

And since a trip to New Orleans isn't on everyone's schedule, there will be opportunities to send out goody bags to charming readers who  hang out with me electronically, too.  Snail mail does still work. :D

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