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I did it! Only far, far later than I expected, but the first draft of Rare Event is done, well, with one slight oddness.

After having plotted this entire story to end at one of the protag's POV, I thought, write it, and be done. Then the other protag tapped my shoulder and suggested this should end on his POV, since he's been dying a thousand deaths about how this comes out. That last chapter was a bear to write, it took days and days, the words coming at 40 per hour when they came at all.

When the words come with this much effort, it's usually because I am on the wrong track. I stalled last week for 3 days because I'd forgotten something substantial, and once I remembered it, the whole chapter hit the page in a few hours. So now I am thinking that my character has a point.

I'm off tomorrow, so I'm just going to rewrite the ending from the other character's POV and see which way I like it better.
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