April 22nd, 2012

rare event

A deleted scene from The Rare Event

In the course of edits, things change. This scene at this length didn't make it into the final book, though a much shorter version did. Dwight is a secondary character, although he does get a few POV scene, and good things happen to him.</p>

But it's still kind of fun and I thought I'd share. Jon and Ricky have just *coughbrokenupcough* and Jon needs to be somewhere else in the worst way when Dwight attracts his attention by being shlumpy and uncool.


Never in his wildest dreams had Dwight considered monopolizing Jon’s attention over Ricky.

Then again, he was only a pawn in Lover’s Spat 1.2, second level.

“First we find you some better glasses and a haircut,” Jon decreed in the elevator. “Is that prescription current?”

“Yes.” The optometrist had tried to get him to switch frames, but these fit his face so well, Dwight had resisted. He steeled himself to parting with them at last on the cab ride to Jon’s first destination, an optical shop.

“Try these.” Jon handed him another set of frames with small, rectangular lenses. “I don’t care if they feel weird; you’ll get used to them.” Dwight tried them on and turned. “Do you like the wire or the tortoise better? Because that’s the only choice you get.” He’d confiscated Dwight’s aviators and made sure the staff had run back to the lab to get the prescription from the lenses.

“Uh….” He had no idea which he liked better—they were both too strange on his face and he couldn’t really see himself in the mirror.

“Get both.” Jon handed the frames to the optician who waited on them with a slightly glazed look. Dwight understood exactly—Jon in “force of nature” mode was only to be obeyed. “Take care of this for us, please.” Dwight peered myopically at the credit card slip he had to sign. The total made him gulp but he wasn’t about to argue. “Ready in an hour? Fine, we’ll be back. Come on, Dwight.”

But his glasses were still back in the—too late.

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