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A deleted scene from The Rare Event

In the course of edits, things change. This scene at this length didn't make it into the final book, though a much shorter version did. Dwight is a secondary character, although he does get a few POV scene, and good things happen to him.</p>

But it's still kind of fun and I thought I'd share. Jon and Ricky have just *coughbrokenupcough* and Jon needs to be somewhere else in the worst way when Dwight attracts his attention by being shlumpy and uncool.


Never in his wildest dreams had Dwight considered monopolizing Jon’s attention over Ricky.

Then again, he was only a pawn in Lover’s Spat 1.2, second level.

“First we find you some better glasses and a haircut,” Jon decreed in the elevator. “Is that prescription current?”

“Yes.” The optometrist had tried to get him to switch frames, but these fit his face so well, Dwight had resisted. He steeled himself to parting with them at last on the cab ride to Jon’s first destination, an optical shop.

“Try these.” Jon handed him another set of frames with small, rectangular lenses. “I don’t care if they feel weird; you’ll get used to them.” Dwight tried them on and turned. “Do you like the wire or the tortoise better? Because that’s the only choice you get.” He’d confiscated Dwight’s aviators and made sure the staff had run back to the lab to get the prescription from the lenses.

“Uh….” He had no idea which he liked better—they were both too strange on his face and he couldn’t really see himself in the mirror.

“Get both.” Jon handed the frames to the optician who waited on them with a slightly glazed look. Dwight understood exactly—Jon in “force of nature” mode was only to be obeyed. “Take care of this for us, please.” Dwight peered myopically at the credit card slip he had to sign. The total made him gulp but he wasn’t about to argue. “Ready in an hour? Fine, we’ll be back. Come on, Dwight.”

But his glasses were still back in the—too late.

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Read what I left in at Dreamspinner, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks.

rare event

We were there! Venues from The Rare Event

Erm, I should catch up here -- Eden Winters and I were among the Dreamspinner authors who went to New York for the Rainbow Book Fair, and incidentally played tourist just a little. We walked over what felt like half of Manhattan, and got to the top of the Empire State Building as our big touristy moment. Regardless of what you hear about sleepless cities, there are things that close late afternoon on a Saturday.

Part of our walking tour of New York City involved either visiting sites that I mention in The Rare Event, or peering at them from a distance. It was rather strange to walk around knowing that these are Ricky and Jon's haunts.

Just because of our route, the first place in the story that we located was the hardware store where Ricky urgently needs to buy something at midnight.

Even in NYC, Home Depot, or "Homo Depot," as Flatiron Mike called it, on 23rd Street, closes at 10pm. Ricky ended up at Nuthouse Hardware, on 3rd Avenue, which we didn't visit.

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All of these venues were only places on a map for me until this trip: it's very different to see the places "in the brick."

rare event

Back after a drought!

I have been working my little tushy off doing book stuff and haven't posted here in months, for which I apologize. But since the good news is now rolled out, I wanted to shwo you what's been going on!

The Rare Event, my Wall Street novel, is now out from Dreamspinner Press!


Hedge fund trader Ricky Santeramo has it all: money, looks, and fellow trader Jonathan Hogenboom. The two couldn't be further apart: Jon is from old money, and Ricky clawed his way out of blue-collar New Jersey. Jon hedges his positions; Ricky goes for broke. Jon likes opera and the Yankees, Ricky prefers clubbing. Jon drinks wine with dinner, Ricky throws back a beer. Jon wants monogamy; Ricky likes variety.

Everything’s changing, in the stock market and their relationship. Airlines are bankrupt, the housing market is crumbling, and Jon's old friend Davis comes to town, ready for baseball and forever.

Faced with losing it all, Ricky must make the savviest trades of his life and pray for a rare event. His stocks and Jon's heart are on the line.

I'm hanging at the Dreamspinner page on FB today, taking about my new novel, The Rare Event, so come play: we'll have tidbits and snippets and a drawing. https://www.facebook.com/dreamspinnerpress.
Find it here.

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The Rare Event is under contract!

Some of you may have been wondering why I haven't been putting out a lot of stories in the last year, when the year before was close to one release a month. *blush*  There's been a really huge project going on all this time, which I've hesitated to talk a lot about because it represents a enormous change for me. The Rare Event is easily the biggest project I've ever taken on, and has presented some challenges to me to grow as an author.

But last night, all the shouting, whooping, and popping of corks you heard in the distance was me, celebrating the signed copy of the contract Dreamspinner offered for The Rare Event, and now I am confident enough to talk about it more openly.  I'll discuss details in future
posts about what made this such a departure for me, but the things that matter most to you as a reader are:

Where to find it:  Most of my work is with Torquere, including my upcoming novella, Maroon: Donal agus Jimmy (October 29th :D). All my eggs have been in one basket, and a very cozy basket it is, but not all m/m romance readers shop in it. I'd like the opportunity to convince a wider audience that I can entertain them. Prep Work went to Dreamspinner, and they've been so lovely to work with that I felt really good about entrusting them with my massive project.

Size: Massive is not just my looking at the year and a half of my writing life; this novel is about twice the size of Fire on the Mountain. (More news on Fire to come, btw.)  More plot, more subplot, more of just about everything good that goes into an m/m romance novel. Erm, except possibly solitary play, because Jake does have the market cornered there. But Ricky and Jon, whom I shall introduce you to, have multiple, overlapping and sometimes contradictory needs, and need the page time to explore them.

Location: hee, more to come, but readers, Jon and Ricky consider  Colorado to be flyover territory unless they might want to go skiing. The mountains this ain't.

And when will this be available? We're just starting the process of getting this book totally reader-ready, but look for it in March or April of 2012.


Getting ready for GayRomLit

Who besides me is getting excited?

The first thing that's jumping out at me is that a bigger bag or a great deal of trust in Fedex and the hotel are in order. Fedex, not an issue, but the hotel having to stash my things til I get there seems like a lot to ask.

My promo items are coming in (yes, procrastination is spelled P-D-S-i-n-g-e-r) and the bulk is enough to make me very glad I'm flying Southwest and can take a real-sized suitcase instead of a glorified paper bag. So far, I have trading cards, something nommy, and a little something to light up your lives. Being the even-handed person I am, I'm bringing enough for everyone. Plus a little something special for the small groups.

And since a trip to New Orleans isn't on everyone's schedule, there will be opportunities to send out goody bags to charming readers who  hang out with me electronically, too.  Snail mail does still work. :D

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Why am I snoggable?

Carole Cummings snogged me yesterday, right there in Goodreads! And why?  It might be because I really am cuter than any two buttons, (the speckled pup still has me beat) which those of you planning to be in New Orleans a little later this month can check for yourself. Or it might be because I amused the daylights out of her.

A month or two back I mentioned Carole and I had a silly old time with a picture, a story she started, and a challenge she left behind. You just HAVE to do something with this:

So I did. And Carole liked where I went with the story. It stands alone, but it's cuter with hers first.  Crepuscule Monstrum and Crepuscule Monstrum II,  heheheh.  And you, lucky readers, can have both as Halloween treats, just by going over to Dreamspinner and checking our author profiles. Click on the gargoyles, and any others you might find (there are 29 more). There's even a coupon for a discount attached to the stories, and you've been meaning to read Prep Work, Impromptu, and Highway Man, haven't you?

Dang, there's a hint for where to look.